Humane Urban Wildlife Removal in Toronto is Not Only Possible, but also Highly Effective

Prevention is the most humane and cost effective approach.

We can simply secure our homes to ensure wildlife cannot enter areas such as attics. This is ideally done during the initial design and build phase. However, typical prevention methods such as securing roof vents or soffits can still be applied preventatively post build of the structure. The last thing you want is to trap the animal(s) in your home and areas such as your attic.

You should not simply close entry points as you may tarp the animal and its babies in, which is not humane and will also add stress to you and can cost significantly more to repair.

Initial Cost of Prevention versus Higher Cost of Removal

Unfortunately, many builders and even home owners do not see the value of prevention due to the initial cost. However, there is simply no doubt that removal will be costlier to the home owner and additional repairs will be needed. The worst case is far worse unfortunately, where damaged wiring or other issues can lead to significant liabilities. Considering all aspects, including treating the animals humanely, prevention is key!

Prevention Methods

Most methods involve securing opening (or potential openings) with appropriate size and materials screen/mesh and fasteners. Animals are stronger and more persistent than you might think. So, it might be best to leave this to professionals, to avoid a false sense of security and future unexpected animal intrusions. Humane urban wildlife intrusion prevention and removal is what we do and have done for over a decade! Call us for a consultation; it might be one of the best calls you make. We are here to answer your questions and happy to help you, while treating our urban wildlife humanely.